About Carl Duivenvoorden

Carl Duivenvoorden was raised on a dairy farm in northern New Brunswick, and obtained a B.Sc. from the NS Agricultural College. His diverse career has included crop production, international marketing and energy efficiency. He has been to over 25 countries, from New Zealand to Vietnam to Brazil.

Beyond cows and potatoes, Carl has long had a deep interest in the well-being of our planet. His elementary school was nestled between the smokestacks of two large industries, and somehow it didn’t seem possible that all that smoke could just drift ‘away’ without consequence, never to be seen again.

In 2006, Carl read “An Inconvenient Truth”, the book that catapulted climate change to the top of the global agenda. In April 2007, he traveled to Nashville and became one of the very first Canadians trained by Al Gore to deliver the presentation.  Upon returning home, he took a year off work to deliver the slideshow at schools, workplaces and meetings across the Atlantic region.

A longstanding member of Toastmasters, Carl has spoken to hundreds of audiences of all sizes. He lives in Upper Kingsclear, NB with his wife and two sons. Formerly with Efficiency New Brunswick, he now makes his living as a speaker, writer and consultant, helping people and organizations learn how they can save money, energy and our environment. And he continues to present Al Gore’s message about our global climate crisis to as many audiences as possible

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After I listened to you, I changed so much in what I do in the run of a day. It was an awesome presentation!
Roberta Manderville, Miramichi, NB

Photos courtesy of L.J. Weslowski.