What People Are Saying After Hearing Carl

"10+ - more than what I was hoping for!" - Nancy Kilfoil, Conference Coordinator, NB Operating Room Nurses, Hartland, New Brunswick

"I have never been so inspired, nor have I felt such a strong compulsion to act. This may very well have been the single most important conference of a lifetime." - K. MacGuire, Sydney, Nova Scotia

"Outstanding presentation - you are an impressive speaker who inspired us and motivated us to take action." - Mark Joseph, CEO, Veolia Transportation, Silver Spring, Maryland

"We saw changed behaviors the very next day - we're saving money and becoming a more environmentally-friendly company." - Paul MacDonald, Director of HR & Safety, Dexter Construction, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"I loved the personal stories you incorporated. The presentation went beyond the DVD content. Awesome!" - Marie-Claude L, Fredericton, New Brunswick

"You conveyed your message in an inspiring manner - your session was the highlight of our training camp!" - Krista House, Conservation Corps of Newfoundland & Labrador, Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador

"Best presentation I've seen."  "Best Q and A person I ever met." - comments from attendees at Conservation Corps of Newfoundland & Labrador training, Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador

"I appreciated your blend of facts and images—but most of all I appreciated your sincerity and passion." - Heather McNeill, Fredericton, New Brunswick

"You're as good as Al Gore!" - Holly F., Miramichi, New Brunswick

I've starting using the 'egg trick', and I've been able to lower my commuting fuel costs by more than 10%."
Gaetan S, Fredericton, New Brunswick

"Fantastic presentation - keep doing what you're doing." - Renaissance College, Fredericton, New Brunswick

"You were a smash!" - Kelly Smith, Director of Communications, Veolia Transportation North America, Oak Brook, Illinois

"I wondered if Carl would be able to engage, captivate and hold on to his audience for the duration - he did. It was educational, informative and well executed. I am thankful for people like Carl who take of their time to inform the public of this very critical matter." - Brad Woodside, Mayor, City of Fredericton, New Brunswick

"You are animated and committed to the cause - it comes through clearly when you speak about it." - Mary S., Fredericton, New Brunswick

"I can’t imagine that Al Gore himself would have done any better!" - Dianne Clowater, Boiestown Community School, Boisetown, New Brunswick

"Your presentation was clear, concise and convincing." - Mike L, Miramichi, New Brunswick

"It was great - lots of good local references." - Lynn M, Fredericton, New Brunswick

"The session was excellent - very informative, and it got people thinking. You are a great presenter!" - Helen Champion, ACOA, Fredericton, New Brunswick

"Thank you for being an Ambassador: for Al Gore, for NB and for the future." - Michelle J, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Très bonne présentation - très bon communicateur.
Valerie L, Edmundston, New Brunswick

"Presentation très interessante et dynamique. Aide vraiment à comprendre l'importance d'agir maintenant." - Joanne B, Campbellton, New Brunswick

"Thank you - I learned a lot of information and tips. I wish it could’ve been longer!" - Janie Daigle, ACOA, Fredericton, New Brunswick

"A wonderful and informative presentation - everybody should hear this message." - Geri M., Bathurst, New Brunswick

"Wow I never realized the seriousness of the situation." "I could have listened to him all day." "What a great presenter!" - Comments after Federal Department of Fisheries & Oceans in Liverpool, Nova Scotia